(1) Starting the Game

(2) Jessie and James

(3) Fishing Times

(4) Daily Attack

(5) Island Defence

(6) Find Pika Balls

Guide & How to Play

Daily Attack, Island Defense

From the main page, click on 'Attack' icon to start your Daily Attack against monster which is near to your island. Attacking monster will be little dificult, while you have to hit the monster up to 5 times till it be dead.
Once you kill the monster, a reward will appear

Reward will be Score, Food, or Pika Ball.
There is %50 chance for getting Score, %25 chance for getting Food, and %25 chance for getting Pika Ball, it depends on your luck in the game!

When attack is complete, you can do another new attack, but you'll need to recharge your Beto Stamina before you're able to do new attacks in same day, or you can wait for tomorrow to do another free attack.
Remember that you can only do one Stamina Recharge every 3 hours, and it costs you 500 points to do that.

Click this when you need to recharge your Beto Energy.

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