(1) Starting the Game

(2) Jessie and James

(3) Fishing Times

(4) Daily Attack

(5) Island Defence

(6) Find Pika Balls

Guide & How to Play

Starting the Game

When you start the game, you will have this screen showing your Island score, and Your player.
Default player will be Pikachu while it bring you score every minute.
Each Beto has it's Speed power and Capacity ability.
To start getting scorefrom your Beto, all you have to do is clicking the red button 'Collect' to collect your generated score. This will increase your total score in the game.

New screen will appear showing prize image.
All you have to do is clicking on 'Claim Score'.
This is required only first time you get score per day.

And then, there is a captcha.
Captcha is just for our site protection to be sure you are real human playing the game and not a bot.
Captcha is required only once per hour, so it won't be anoying by appearing again if you play a hour for example.

Here is your reward !
New Score will be added to your game total score.
Make sure that you will get also some Foods as like Apple, Bread, Banana, Chicken, or Cake.
Foods are important for your Beto to be stronger and do some attacks.

Attack will also give you huge score, but you can't do attack if your Beto health was low.
Make sure you feed up your Beto well before doing attacks ;)

One more thing,

Make sure that doing this multiple times, will give you chance of getting new Pika Ball !

Yes, this helps you to catch new betos and increase your score rewards in the game!
Some Betos required 5, 10, or more balls. so you have to get enough balls to be able catch new betos.
If you was not able to wait till you find new balls, you can buy them instantly from your Account page.
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