(1) Starting the Game

(2) Jessie and James

(3) Fishing Times

(4) Daily Attack

(5) Island Defence

(6) Find Pika Balls

Guide & How to Play

Attacking Jessie and James

While you're playing the game, You could find Jessie and James are behind the fance of your garden.
Don't wait, ask your Beto to attack Jessie and James at once.

Jessie and James will be kicked out your land, and your score in the game will be increased.
If you was late to attack Jessie and James, they could run away and score will be lost.

Fishing Times

At your main island, you could notice there is something in the water, this is appearing sometimes while playing.

By clicking on this area, you will catch a Fish !
Fishing is possible to happens in random times during the day, all you have to do is keeping your eyes on your island you have is nothing else to do.

Catched fish is good food for your Beto, it will heal up your Beto and do new attack qickly, Attack will bring you additional score !

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