Mini Game

How to play :

First, if it was your first playing, you have to create 'New Game'.
then it will ask you for your Player Name, just enter your Beto name.
Time to begin your journey as a Beto Master!

Your Quest : to defeat and capture the rare absol in the forest, of Baseek land.

on starting, you will see a PC uo to your player, this is to store your Betos which you find during the gameplay.
turn right then up, walk on the grass around for some seconds, till a monster appear.
Go Lucario!
You have 4 options : Fight, Items, Pokemon, and Run.

Let's start with first option (Fight), You will get another two options : Tackle and Aura Sphere.
Tackle is default attack option, Aura Sphere is like a magic attack.
Make sure that you have limits for using these two options.

Second option is Items, it includes another 3 options, Pokeball is most important thing which can be used to catch any enemy! After your attack, and when your Beto life is near to empty, move down and enter to the town. you will see a man standing next to his house. he will not allow you to enter the house, he always keep the door locked, but he will agree to let you stay-inn whenever you need to healup your Beto.

Healer : Hello! If you wanted to enter my house, i'm sorry.
i keep the door locked because i'm moving. Would you like me to heal your Beto ?
You click on 'Yes' !
Your beto should be healed now.

You can also train your Beto without using Attacks in the forest, this will helps to avoid having 'Game Over' title, to do this enter the first upper house on the town, this is training center. All you have to do is Jump using 'Space' when the line is about to hit your Beto. Let's move up again to the forest, there is a man standing at the corner, he is like you trying to train he Beto.
Move right, to the right side of forest, you will see another PC, this can be used to store more Betos on it.

Do more attacks, and use Magic option (Aura Sphere), this is more powerful, and once your enemy health is near to %40, drop a Pokeball to catch it from Items menu.

Enjoy this simple game!

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