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Referrer: Congrats
Pramila27: give me some time -- this site pays can start next year 2018...i have updated to my friend - Withdrawal limit for FH 50000 sats and Manual Withdrawal 100000 sats means when you reach this threshold pays will happen batch by batch - in a batch 20+ *manual withdrawals - give us time and support us * we need visitors - frm visitors only earning frm ad networks will happen
fralost: send me money pls 1Gkb7R5iDYsfBC8eJF5TLSowFpMiAjdRGb
Pramila27: taba garbage toba gabriel --twitter. com/tobagabriel1 twitter .com/tobagabriel3 | toba garbage STOP Poking your nose on IT Professionals | TABA GARBAGE TABA GARBAGE - I dont know how you are here as a OWNER - keke you fooling the PEOPLE? No chance all your DRAMA and HACK Face is exposed to the Twitter Facebook message has been passed - Here is dialogue of MEXICANTARGET AKA TOBA GABRIEL "mexicanTarget: Pramila27 [Pokemongo) I dont know how you made Mark to make you a moderator but if I would be in his place I would not let you not even to wash my floor in my office. You are so stupid that you might drown by yourself in the bucket that you are supposed to wash the floor".
Pokemongo2017: Pramila -- tumne Ravana ko hara diya yehan pe... Hindu epic Ramayana where he is depicted as a Rakshasa -- tho yahan ek rakshas ki samapth
Pramila27: I feel proud to EXPOSE HACKER - This is at International Level - My Profile photo is posted by HACKER + ONLINE SEXY NARCOTIC DRUG ADDICTER * Mexcantarget aka Toba Gabriel 44+ year old - Youngest Pro Techie Indian Girl is Rocking - I am at Admin Level along with My Friend Markabi to keep track of hackers botters in sites - Users should see his black ape face in twitter as well as facebook
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