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Referrer: Hello friends
Dverhate: I just say that I disappear the pika balls I won by collect and daily gift in their drop random
Pramila27: Mex should be banned frm chat - another spammer similar to tobagabriel - speaks about age along with offensive words including winking smiley * having fun in insulting girls here | toxic people do not have to judge me and i do not need your feeds | this site went down because of two reasons too many bots and price raise in btc - there cant be any other reason other than this
Dverhate: Admin - why do not banish you Pramila27 problematic and racist? Why do they have to ban me for reporting a bug?
Pramila27: Dverhate -- no ban for me ok.. I am honest here no tricks nothing...actually spammers are real problematic people giving trouble to good users
Referrer: Pramila27 that caword
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