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Referrer: What did u expect ? u should play it on brightness level four .. and also in dark room as dark as u can ... no sun allowed ... u can try even smaller brightness levels .But that for really tough guys and in TOTAL dark room .. but i tell u again : use brightness level four .. START WITH IT !!! Really .. even if u play inside egyptian pyramid :D .........................AND DONT PUSH TOO MUCH OVER .. DO NOT TRY TO PASS .. DO NOT TRY TO JUMP OVER SOME BOXES AND SHIT PECAUSE U MAY BE BLOCKED OR EVEN CAUSE A SERIOUS BROPLEM . JUST DONT DO IT
Alina1993: Hi does this site still work?
Munir64: Yes Alina still alive .you welcome to back
Referrer: Yes site working without withdraw
diomedex: 18/06/2018 quien vive???
Max370: Привет Любители Альткоинов!!!Сколько на вывод надо набить?Я год не заходил сюда....
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